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To Overflow and to Overtake

January 18, 2013


Dominion is not the same thing as domination. Sacrifice is not the same as suicide. Biblical dominion is rooted in a humility that recognizes and is grateful for the contingency of man’s existence. Grasping at certainty is ingratitude and pride.

Gratitude recognizes that all gifts of God—from the initial act of creation to that next breath you will take—all gifts of God are the result of the overflowing of his abounding love for us. Nothing in God’s nature necessitated the creation of this world. He created it for the benefit of the same creatures that He hadn’t even created yet.

So should our dominion of the earth be.

It’s not some dominating takeover—will to power in either the literal and violent sense or the more subtle will to power that Nietzsche saw in his Christian contemporaries—but a similar overflowing. We should not wish to “reintegrate” ourselves into culture as it is, but to let true culture flow from us so that the dreck that passes for culture now cannot even compete. And the takeover is not our own, but the act of He who as has begun a good work in us, completing it until the day of Jesus Christ.

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