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Art and Prophecy

October 27, 2012

In the end, I don’t think I’ll enjoy studying theatre. Even two, three weeks into play production and stagecraft classes, I was already bored and not wanting to do my homework. And I actually like school. But these classes move too slowly. Too much teaching, not enough doing. And so, for me at least, not enough learning. I learn best by doing and even more rapidly by doing wrongly.

I’m not a specializer by nature and this is why I want to run my own theatre. I’ve seen enough good theatre and enough bad theatre to know very clearly what each looks like. I’m an observer of culture and I can see where the culture needs to be pushed. Or at least I fancy I can. I love God in all his truth, goodness, and beauty and I love theology. But, as I am a woman, being a pastor is out of the question. The very thought terrifies anyway. And so, I long to do the next best thing: bring stories to life on the stage.

“The next best thing?” you say. “I don’t see how that follows.”

In Reformed circles, we talk much of Christ’s roles as prophet, priest, and king and how we, as Christ’s body, also embody these roles. We talk about the “royal priesthood” of the church and how we are to advance the kingdom like kings, but no one really talks about the prophet. “The time for prophecy is over,” we say, “That ended at Pentecost.” Says who? How is, “Son, if you don’t listen to your mother, it won’t go well with you.” really any different from, “Turn and repent”?

“Turn and repent,” says the prophet. “Look,” says the playwright, the storyteller, “See what you have wrought. Turn and repent.” Or “See what God hath wrought. Rejoice and be glad.” And even greater, “See what you have wrought and what God hath wrought spite of you.”

So I want make theatre. Because theatre is all about stories and didn’t God teach primarily through stories and parables? Doesn’t He still? So I’m going to make theatre. And in the beginning it won’t be as good as I want it to be. But someday the reality and the vision will meet. And that will be a good day.

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