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Making Choices and Being Prepared

September 5, 2012

Famed Broadway casting director Bernie Tesley has lots of interesting things to say about the industry and advice for those on both sides of the audition madness. For directors:

“[I]n theater, it’s really about the extent of someone’s instrument and how they fit into the ensemble. There are less choices in the theater always, because it’s such a time commitment and it’s so hard. Not everyone can do that. It’s hard to do film, but it is easier than theater.”

For actors:

The audition process is 10 people or 200 people coming in for the same role, and it’s about who’s best in the audition. It’s no different than an Olympic race. They’re all great runners; that’s how they got there. But the one who wins is the one who finishes first. How do you finish first? Preparation and being available to what’s in the room.”

Telsey is a theatre professional, who has not only been artistic director of a prominent Off-Broadway theatre company (MCC Theater, for those playing along at home), but also manages his own casting agency, Telsey + Company.

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