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In Which Thomas Explains Women

June 2, 2011

“Yes, angels do change. Their intellect moves from potentiality to actuality. The intellect, too, has potentiality—it takes time to think—and therefore potentiality is more than just material potentiality. Angel time is spiritual time—in Greek, καίρος (kairos)—whereas the time of bodies is chronological time—in Greek, χρόνος (chronos)—and since we are double creatures, of spirit and matter, we have a double time sense. Which is why myself and my wife can never agree; because she’s Italian and I’m Dutch and I go by the clock and she goes by her inner, biological clock. So she’s more like an angel. It’s frequently noted that women are much more like angels than men in that they leap from premises to conclusions without the intermediary step. This is funny, but it’s true. And serious.”

-Peter Kreeft, Aquinas and the Angels

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